Turn Drifting Revenue into a Steady Income Stream

As a mental health professional, you’re committed to providing exceptional service and support for your patients. Given that this is your passion and your talent, it’s where you should be spending the majority of your time and energy. Yet, many professionals get so bogged down in billing that their practice, and ultimately their income, suffers.

By partnering with AnchorPoint Billing Solutions, we can take your billing from “headache” to “handled” in no time. Our team of professionals has vast experience navigating various insurance procedures, working to collect outstanding payments, handling client inquiries and increasing your receivables.

We’ll work with you to obtain your patient information safely and securely to get started. Then, we can get your accounts in order and begin handling all aspects of your billing. We’ll verify patient benefits, send out statements and coordinate with insurance companies as needed. Ultimately, we’ll send you detailed reports indicating the dramatic impact our service has on your revenue.

Buoy Your Practice with These Benefits

Still unsure of whether AnchorPoint Billing Solutions is right for your practice? Here’s just a brief overview of all the ways you can benefit from working with a trusted mental health billing services provider:

  • Identify all potential billing opportunities and collect a higher percentage of fees assessed
  • Receive specific and informative monthly reports pertaining to income and aged receivables
  • Ensure your patients can get professional, timely answers to their billing questions
  • Gain hours back in your days and confidence in this complicated aspect of your practice
  • Spend more time on your patients and less time stuck in the day-to-day business operations

Stop “staying afloat” and start thriving in your practice today! Contact us today to get started.