Resources for Mental Health Practioners

Essential Email Templates For Mental Health Practitioners

A great reference for ongoing communication with your clients.

Essential Policy Templates for Mental Health Practitioners

Discover must-have policy templates for your private practice.

Top CPT Codes for Mental Health Providers

In this guide, you'll explore commonly used CPT codes for mental health billing.

Insurance vs. Private Pay: Which is Better?

Discover the difference between insurance and private pay as a mental health practicioner.

Reasons Why Insurance Claims Get Denied.

Explore the most common reasons why your mental health insurance claim was denied .

Why It's Time to Outsource Mental Health Billing

Running your practice and staying on top of billing isn't easy. Here are 5 signs it's time to outsource.

Reimbursement Rate for Mental Health Services

Here are the common factors that can affect your reimbursement rates as a mental health provider.
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