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Let us handle your mental health billing while you focus on doing things you love.

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Is Mental Health Billing Causing You a Headache?

As a mental health professional, you’re committed to providing exceptional therapy services and support for your clients. As your passion and talent, it’s where you want to spend the majority of your time and energy. Yet, many therapists, counselors, social workers, and mental health professionals get bogged down in billing and their practice, and ultimately their income suffers. Don’t be forced to choose between mental health billing and your patients. 

By partnering with mental health billing specialists, Anchor Point Billing Solutions, we can take your billing from “headache” to “handled” in no time.

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We help make your mental health billing simple.

At Anchor Point Billing Solutions, we know exactly what it takes to work with insurance companies, submit insurance claims and receive timely compensation for the mental health services you provide. Our seamless, tried-and-true mental health billing system alleviates frustrations and keeps you informed of your accounts receivable.

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We Work with mental health providers nationwide

Our mental health billing specialists work with clients across the United States to help them manage their insurance claims processing. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of having mental health specialists supporting their practice management needs. We’ll help handle patient onboarding, account management, and all aspects of your billing. We’ll verify patient benefits, submit billing, send out statements, and coordinate with insurance companies as needed

How It Billing Process Works

Your Role

  • Send us our custom Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form complete with your patient's information.

Our Role

  • We confirm the patient's mental health benefits with insurance.
  • We get initial authorization.
  • We update the Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form.
  • We send updated information back to you.

Your Role

  • Create a copy of the patient's Insurance Card.
  • Fill out Your Daily Schedule Form, including sessions and payments.
  • Send us your patient info, insurance and daily schedule.

Our Role

  • We submit your claims to insurance promptly.
  • We ensure coding is correct.
  • We ensure claims are processed.

Your Role

  • Submit all the information of the Explanations of Benefits received with insurance payments, including denials.

Our Role

  • We enter payments.
  • We review the Explanations of Benefits.
  • We follow up with insurance companies.
  • We resubmit claims as necessary.
  • We send patient statements.
  • We answer questions about patient claims.
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